Beatles! xoxo

I love The Beatles with a whole of my heart. So I arrange the quotes about ’em from some sources.


“Life is very short and there’s no time, for fussing and fighting my friend. I have always thought that it’s a crime, so I will ask you once again: try to see it my way, only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong. While you see it your way, there’s a chance that we might fall apart before too long. We can work it out.”

“But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun”

“I’m happy with my lifestyle, … I don’t have time to reflect on [it].”

“I’ll buy you a diamond ring, my friend If it makes you feel alright”

“The world is still spinning and so are we and so are you. When the spinning stops–that’ll be the time to worry. Not before. The Beatles are alive and well and the beat goes on. The beat goes on.”

“The world is treating me bad… Misery

I’m the kind of guy
Who never used to cry
The world is treating me bad… Misery!”


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