Mia’s beatgasm

Please don’t drink so much, your mother would be sad.
She’s a nice lady so show you deserve her, or you’ll only end up like your dad.

Too Fast To Live – Princess Chelsea

Dosa-dosaku bukan kau yang harus menanggung. Aku lahir bukan dari rahim ibumu. Yang mungkin baik untukmu, nggak pasti jelek buatku. Yang mungkin salah bagimu, belum tentu salah bagiku.

Kau Bukan Tuhan – The Flowers

I’ll fall asleep tonight, cause that brings me closer to you.

Promise – Matchbook Romance

If you’ve a lesson to teach me I’m listening, ready to learn. There’s no here to police me I’m sinking in, until you return.

The Jewerller’s Hand – Arctic Monkey

Dark pines the moonlit road. Winter time the crunch of snow. I wonder will your smile show that love is making its way back home.

Love is Making Its Way Back Home – Josh Ritter

I have no kick against modern jazz. Unless they try to play it too darn fast and change the beauty of the melody, until they sound just like symphony.

Rock and Roll Music – Chuck Berry

Maar ik loop tegen deuren aan die je al hebt dichtgedaan. Ik roep maar je hoort me niet oh, ik wil je voor me winnen, maar kan niet naar binnen.

Schreeuw in de Woestijn – Jeroen van der Boom



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