19 and life to go

“19 and life you got it

19 and life you know

Your crime is time and it’s 19 and life to go”

Original song: “18 and Life” by Skid Row

Birthday is closely related to presents, party, birthday greetings, surprise, etc. Friends are coming to your house making you a surprise party, singing you happy birthday, bringing you a birthday cake, and after all you will treat them foods OR cooler, make a super blast birthday party  and invite them as your VIP guests in return (that the purpose is only to upload the-last-night-party-photos as many as you can).

Those cliché things about birthday used to be very important to me but now it is not.

Birthday is only the-day-beginning of my life; the day when I cried the Earth for the first time, cried for warmth for the first time, and cried my life for the first time. Just like any other days, nothing is really special about it.

Today is my birthday. I turned 19. I am exactly getting old but thank God for this another year.

I don’t need either a celebrating party or birthday presents. I just need your prayers, earthlings. Life is getting hard, I accept it. It is not easy anymore therefore I need your prayers.

To be honest, I miss my life as a little girl. Turned 17 or 18 is hard, but 19 is even more…

It is c-r-a-z-y………. One year to go to be 20!

Yea 20… which is not good because I will consider myself as an adult. Being an adult is boring, but never growing is sucked hoor :))

Adults do so many ‘no mores’ in their life such as; no more junk food, no more chocolate bars under blanket, no more watching spongebob, no more disney or nickelodeon channel… And so on. Those things sound so boring, eh? That is what we call adulthood.

Here is the listograph of my future adulthood ‘no mores’ thingies:

  • no more crying people for something that I really want
  • no more asking my parents to buy me things which are unimportant
  • no more dramas of life
  • no more doing something out of the-both-brains-planning
  • no more gossiping
  • no more dinosaurs nuggets on plate
  • no more laying on a bed when I supposed to read class material
  • no more Edgar and Ellen novels on shelves
  • no more over ambitious feeling
  • no more negative thinking
  • and no more typing no more because people are sooooo tired of seeing another no mores in this post.



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